Solar array at Higher Tregarne by Rod Allday, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The following is a true story about how the news of having an Industrial Solar Development being built on all four sides of my home changed my life and the lives of thousands of others.

I would like to introduce myself but once you read the story below, you will discover why very very few people know my name.

  • I am not an educated man, for I only have a 9th grade education, but I have a lot of common sense and wide variety of life experiences.

  • I also happen to be a fighter and I especially like fighting to help others.

  • You will also discover that I do not pull any punches. I will name individuals and companies that are responsible for destroying the hopes, dreams, lives and future of others.

As such, I happen to be the founder, CEO & largest financial supporter of multiple not-for-profit organizations.

In order to help promote those not-for-profit organizations, I am also the owner, designer and manager of 30 to 50 websites as well as the founder and admin of over 70 social media sites.

One of those social media sites is a Stop Solar Farms Facebook Group that currently contains almost 3,000 individuals that have had their lives turned upside down by the sudden news that a massive commercial solar development was about to built next door to their homes.

While that number of users is only a small fraction of the users I have for other organizations I founded, it is the one with the most people facing life altering situations on a daily basis and needing as much information as possible to help them fight for the survival of their homes.

I was one of those individuals that had no knowledge of solar farms until I received a letter claiming the home I love and had put years of hard work into creating, was about to be surrounded on all 4 sides by solar panels.

I was informed by a certified letter that I had 10 days to address a town meeting to find out if I would loose the most valuable asset I had, which was the wide open view where I could see miles of nothing but fields, fish ponds, trees and sky.

To me, that view was extremely important because I HATE Fences and Walls.

The reason I hate fences and walls is because as a child being raised partially by a single parent, partially by foster parents and partially in a state owned home surrounded by barbwire fences, where I was buried alive, I learned the only way I was going to survive in this life was to depend on myself.

When I turned 18 the state had to release me from their facility and I decided that I wanted to go to college to become a minister, so that I could help other young boys as well as families.

However, instead of going to the Baptist Bible College in Springfield Missouri, I suddenly found myself sitting in the LA California County Jail (a mini-prison surrounded by hardened criminals) facing charges for an unknown crime.

It was not until after I was placed on a commercial airliner, while wearing handcuffs and accompanied by an armed police officer that I discovered I was facing 175 years in prison for a crime I did not commit and knew absolutely nothing about.

My life had suddenly become a living nightmare where they had me behind bars in a small room containing steel walls, steel ceiling, steel floor, a steel slab welded to the walls that I could use as a bed and a steel toilet. The only way I could tell the difference between night or day was because they would shove a steel tray containing food into my cell. I never even knew if it was summer or winter, except for Christmas Day.

As a young boy, that early childhood and my beginning to life as an adult furthered my resolve to FIGHT for survival, regardless of the odds.

It was only by the hand of God that I was eventually be exonerated and able to walk into the sunlight again as a FREE man.

It turned out the crimes I was being accused of, continued to happen even while they had me locked up in that cage. Luckily for me, they eventually caught the individual that was actually committing the crimes and he turned out to be the son of one of the Law Enforcement Officers.

After eventually being allowed to walkout the doors of that place with not even an apology or a kiss my a** I discovered that my photo and name had been published in every major newspaper within the USA and Canada. There were also stories and photo’s about me published in multiple National Magazines.

That type of notoriety made it extremely difficult for me to find a decent job or have any type of normal life.

While it took me many years to get over my anger and hatred for what I had to endure in my early life, once I finally put all of that anger behind me, I resolved to do multiple things.

  • I would always have at least one person by my side as a witness to where I was at all times.

  • Other then having a witness by my side, I would live as a hermit, away from people.

  • I would find a place to live where no one could see my front door and I could look out the window and never see another fence, wall or person.

  • I would spend the rest of my life doing things to help others that were in need, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

  • Most importantly of all, I would always remain a fighter and stay a survivor instead of a victim.

Now, I will move on to how I ended up in my current home and involved with fighting against Industrial Solar Projects being built next to residential homes and on crop producing farmland.

As I write this, I am now in my mid 70’s but I have spent a great deal of my life living in multiple states within the USA and traveling through every single state within the continental USA.

Because of that history of traveling so much, when I think about my “back yard” I think of either the entire USA or the entire world.

In spite of everything I went through in my life, I have never sued anyone. Instead, I made it a point to work hard and find ways to earn the money I needed in order to survive.

I have spent most of my life as an investor of some type.

I have owned a variety of businesses over the years including factories, retail businesses and service type companies. I have also invested in real estate and the stock market.

With that being said, I am a plain man. I do not surround myself with fancy or showy things. I am frugal and would rather use my money to support the efforts of my non-for-profit organizations so they can help others, as opposed to fluttering it away on non-essentials, or placing it into a trust to help future generations.

Once I retired from the business world, except for investing in the stock market, I began to dedicate my full time to caring for my property, building fish ponds, so my wife and I can take our golf cart out to feed the fish and simply enjoy watching them.

I also physically built a new room onto our home, that is covered entirely with large windows on three sides, so we can sit there to eat supper or watch our evening TV or movies, as we enjoy watching the hummingbirds, Owls, Hawks, Bats,Turkey, deer, geese, ducks, turtles, Bald Eagles and other wildlife enjoy our fishponds.

So, when I found out that a solar company wanted to build tall fences on all four sides of my home, and I am talking about literally right up against our property lines, not across a road or off in the distance. I decided I would spend the rest of my life fighting to protect our property, peace and tranquility.

As a former computer programmer and current webdesigner I started digging around for information on so called “solar farms” that are NOT farms but Industrial Solar Developments or Fields covered with Solar Panels or Arrays.

I also purchased a variety of web domain names that I could use to display and expose all the information I could uncover.

Part of the reason I decided to build these websites is because when I started my research, there was very little information out there. I discovered many of the “search engines” were actually hiding negative information relating to problems with solar panels or commercial solar projects.

So, once I uncovered information in a news story or a court case, I would post that information on my websites and the social media sites I created, so that it would be available for others to learn from also.

So, again, instead of thinking about one little solar project, I began looking as solar projects all over the world. As such, I admit that I am not the greatest writer or a highly educated man, but I will try to list the most important and most common facts I have learned so far.


So, you are encouraged to think for yourself and do as much research as you can for documented facts. And I will help you by adding links to news, court files and other legal documents. But in the end, what you choose to do, is entirely up to you.

Due to my busy schedule of running multiple organizations, I don't have the time to respond to tons of emails, so if you need help I would recommend that you join the Facebook Group in the link above and ask for help. I am sure one of the other admins or plenty of the members will be glad to help you. That group is intentionally an open group, so you do not have to join Facebook to READ the posts.