Wanted to let everyone know that we now have yard signs that can be used to let everyone know you are against having commercial solar projects on farmland and next to residential neighborhoods.

Since there are more homeowners in most rural communities that are against solar and wind then there are land owners that are willing to give up their land to have it destroyed just to have more money in their bank, we all need to cover the rural area's with these signs.

Not only do they let your local residents know you are trying to protect the residential neighborhoods and farmland, but they also offer a link to a website where people can get information on how to fight against this takeover of our farmland.

No one is getting paid to write these articles or share this information. We are doing this to help others from all over the world, so they can learn how to protect their own communities.

Every penny of profit from these signs, goes to pay for the servers, domain names and at least EIGHT anti solar and wind websites where we post FACTS as to how harmful those green energy projects are.

So, instead of buying signs off Amazon that will allow them to invest more money in building new GIANT solar projects, please support your local anti-solar or wind organizations.


Yard Sign Prices: As of 2/13/24

18” x 24” Corrugated Vinyl Yard Signs. Printed Double Sided on High Quality Opaque Material to prevent bleed through on sunny days. Complete with Step Stakes. Only $8.00 each with tax included.

Drop shipping is available, direct from our supplier so you can contact us for the shipping fees.

Banners: As of 2/13/24

High Quality 4 ft. high by 8 ft. wide, 13 oz. Vinyl with 12 heavy grommets.

Printed double sided are $150 each, plus tax and shipping.

You can use our contact form to reach out to us.

We are also working on some hats and shirts containing our logo that you can wear to town board meetings, in order to let your board members know you are against this takeover of farmland and residential neighborhoods.  We will let you know as soon as they are available for shipping.

Before you click on the DONATE LINK BELOW, Be sure to contact us FIRST to give us your shipping address and quantity needed so that we can give you a total price. 

You can reach us via  FACEBOOK, or the Contact Form on this site.

When you are ready to pay for these signs, please use the link below to make your donation to our parent Not-For-Profit Organization. 

You can check out our parent Not-For-Profit organization HERE.

American Legacies, LLC

American Legacies, LLC

You can make your donations for the signs, using the link below.